Apply Real Hope to Your Real Life

So, how does the Real Hope of the Gospel speak into my Real Life situation? Remember the Gospel = Good News about Jesus. Start by reading up on what the Gospel is. Then think of a small concrete specific situation in your life. Then reflect on the questions below, using the Bible as a reference:

What is my situation? What is hard or complicated about it?

How is Jesus Lord over this situation? Who is God and what is He like specifically as it relates to this situation?

We are sinned against and we sin. Therefore, two questions are helpful here:

  • What is my core sin issue? – This may be tricky as it may not be apparent. If you’re stuck, these questions can be helpful: What am I believing about God or myself? What am I desiring here?
  • How has sin affected the situation? – This can be aspects of living in a fallen world, how you’re sinned against by others, etc.

What has God done for me, is doing for me or will do for me in Jesus Christ that specifically addresses this sin?

What sort of response would genuinely demonstrate the Gospel is at work?

Are you getting stuck on any of these questions?

  • Use a Bible or the internet to search for scripture that can help you answer these questions from a biblical viewpoint.
  • Read the stories of other women on the side bar. Each woman has walked through these same questions.
  • Ask a friend who knows and trusts the Bible and is running hard after God herself for biblical help.
  • It takes some time and practice, so don’t give up!
  • Reach out to us. We’d love to help.

Finally, share with us what you came up with. We’d love to hear your real hope for real life story!