Videos are listed in alphabetical order by speaker’s name.

Adrienne shares her Gospel application story about finding contentment through the stress, frustrations, and exhaustion of parenting.
Clarissa shares her story about wrestling with fears and frustrations surrounding the pandemic, ultimately leading to trusting her Lord and Savior.
Georgette’s life-threatening heart condition sent her into fear, but the truths of the Gospel assured and led her into deeper trust with the Lord.
Ginette shares how illness led her to feel bitter towards hospital staff, and how the Gospel changed her heart and response.
Helen shares her story of standing face-to-face with racism and how she’s leaned on the Lord for comfort and identity.
Karen shares her story about how skin cancer impacted her health and confidence — and how the gospel spoke even deeper to her struggle.
Krista shares her Gospel application story about trusting Christ during wedding planning in a pandemic.
Molly bravely speaks about the trauma associated with being sexually assaulted and how the promises of Christ give her security and strength.
Renee shares her story about feeling discontent in her singleness and how the Lord is using it to grow her in contentment and peace.
Ruthanne and her mother hadn’t spoken or seen each other in decades. She shares how seeing life through the Gospel’s lens changed how she reached out for reconciliation.
Sandy shares the frustrations she’s had with a relative over political discussions — and most importantly — how the truth of God’s Word speaks into her situation.
Val struggled with the repercussions of being a people pleaser and life’s stresses. She shares how Christ’s lordship speaks into her situation to give her hope and peace.